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Samaritan Plumbing offers plumbing repair services to homeowners and businesses who have problems with their indoor or outdoor plumbing, but do not need to replace their plumbing system. We can repair parts by replacing smaller fixtures such as fittings or joints and we can also repair parts by adjusting fittings, joints, pipes and other fixtures. If a part or fixture is too damaged to be repaired or it will cost more to repair than to replace, we will offer the homeowner or business owner a series of replacement options.

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The water heater is one of the most important parts of a plumbing system because it helps to provide hot water for warm showers, dishwashers, and laundering purposes. Water heaters should not have strong odors or water leakage. They should also not have rumbling, roaring, pinging or whining noises. We offer water heater repair services for homeowners and businesses whose water heaters are experiencing problems. If it is more cost-effective to replace the system, we will provide both water heater repair and water heater replacement options.



Many homes in the Miami Valley have hard water, which means that the water has too many minerals in it such as magnesium, iron, and calcium. Hard water may also have too much chlorine in it, which can contribute to health problems. When homeowners have hard water, they have a difficult time using soap and detergent because the minerals make it difficult to lather soap and to rinse it off completely. Appliances in the home are also far less effective with hard water because mineral deposits can create blockages and clog pipes. Adding a water conditioning system can help to remove minerals and neutralize acidity. Samaritan Plumbing offers water conditioning systems that can help restore homeowner’s water for showering, washing, and drinking while minimizing damage to the existing plumbing system.

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When drains become clogged, it makes it difficult for homeowners to get access to the water they need or to get rid of dirty water. Clogged drains occur due to dirt and foreign objects as well as from outdoor issues such as a misalignment of water pipes and sewer pipes. Outdoor landscaping can also create problems as tree roots can collapse drain pipes if the roots are too close to the pipes. Samaritan Plumbing repairs drainage problems for homeowners and also offers a maintenance program to avoid future drainage problems.

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Sinks are typically replaced when problems occur, however, we also offer repair services for sinks when the damage is minimal or the homeowner is not interested in replacing the sink. Sinks with cracked basins can be sealed to solve leaking problems and to keep mold growth at bay. We provide homeowners with several options for sink problems including sink repair options and sink replacement options.

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When faucets drip and leak, homeowners and businesses lose money as well as water. We help homeowners and businesses save money and conserve water by fixing dripping and leaky faucets. We can also repair seals and re-caulk faucets.



Garbage disposals may experience plumbing difficulty because of build-up food that clogs the disposal or a mechanical problem that makes it impossible to operate the disposal. We solve these common problems with our disposal repair services and disposal maintenance services.

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One of the most common plumbing problems in homes involves the tub and the shower drainage system. Hair, lotions, body washes, and exfoliating products can all end up clogging the drain. This creates problems as water builds up in the tub or shower area. Other common problems include water leakage and pipe erosion due to chemical solutions such as Drano. We provide tub and shower repair services to repair tub/shower drainage systems and to repair leakage.

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Toilets are a necessary part of homes and businesses, but are often overlooked until they stop working. The toilet operates as a disposal system for waste materials. Toilets in need of plumbing usually have issues where the flushing does not work properly or the tank does not fill or drain properly. We are able to repair toilets by repairing the toilet’s water tank, the toilet’s bowl or the toilet’s siphon tube. These are the three parts that make up a toilet and the three causes of concern when a toilet is not working properly.

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Homeowners primarily have three types of pumps: sump pumps, pool pumps, and water pumps. Water pumps usually work with irrigation systems such as a lawn sprinkler system while sump pumps keep basements safe from flooding. A pool pump helps to circulate water throughout the pool and filter it. We provide repairs services for sump pumps, water pumps and pool pumps.

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Sewer pipes drain waste material from kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms to a septic tank or sanitary sewer system outside. These sewer pipes are necessary for the drainage of these waste materials and if they are damaged in any way, homeowners and businesses end up with leaks. These leaks not only wreak havoc on the rest of the sewer system, but they also deliver disgusting smells. In most cases, joints and fittings have eroded or been damaged in some way and simply need to be replaced. Once replaced, the sewer system is often fully repaired and the leaks stop along with the foul odors.

Water pipes provide clean water to homeowners in their kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. These pipes also help with outside irrigation needs for the yard, plants or even smaller farming water needs. Water pipes carry pressurized water, which makes them more prone to leaks and valve damage. Water pipes must be carefully inspected before a repair can be made. Water pipe damage can cause many frustrating problems such as low water pressure, increased water bills and damage to the water itself. Samaritan Plumbing carefully inspects water pipes before making repair recommendations to help solve these problems.

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