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Core Values

At Samaritan Plumbing, we aim for unparalleled service while offering superior solutions for homeowners and businesses. In order to provide our customers with the best work, we have created a set of core values that we follow as a company. Without our core values, the level of high‐quality service that we offer to customers would be unattainable.

Our set of core values influences everything that we do at Samaritan Plumbing.

Our 6 Core Values:
  • The First Time Should be the Last Time: We believe in doing the job right the first time around. Not the second or the third. When we come into your home or your place of business, we are there to solve a problem by providing a permanent solution.​​

  • Customer Concerns are Our First Priority: We believe that our customers deserve to be heard. We listen to all of our customer’s concerns and develop solutions to address these concerns based on our professional expertise. If you have a concern about something that we are doing or want to run an idea past us, we will be all ears.​

  • You Need Options: Too many plumbing companies show up with an agenda to push particular projects or offer the quickest solution. Our only agenda is to help you with your plumbing problem, which means that we offer options. We will let you know what the different options are for your home or business before we begin work as well as the cost of each option. Providing our customers with options means that they can make better decisions about what to do with their plumbing. This includes more aesthetically pleasing decor options.

  • All Our Professionals Have Advanced Training: We believe that our customers deserve the best advice and the best solutions, which can only be given by someone who has advanced plumbing training. Plumbing is a skilled profession that requires many hours of training and years of experience to have the “know how” to properly practice within the plumbing field. In order to provide you with professional service, our professionals are not only highly skilled, but also highly trained.​

  • Maintenance is Key: We believe that maintaining your plumbing system is the best way to save money; therefore, we recommend that all of our customers schedule regular maintenance appointments. If your plumbing system gets the care it requires, it will work the way it is supposed to work. If your plumbing system does not get the care it requires, small problems will turn into larger issues that wreak havoc on your home and your wallet.

  • Health and Safety is as Important to Indoor Plumbing as Outdoor Plumbing: When we work indoors to solve plumbing issues, we take health and safety as seriously as we do when we work outdoors. When working on plumbing issues, we work with toxic materials such as adhesives, solder, and solvents. We take great care to ensure that your family or your employees are not exposed to these any toxic chemicals before, during, or after our work with you.

With these core values, we approach the plumbing industry and our customers from a place of integrity, authenticity, truthfulness, perseverance, and goodwill. We take our work seriously and ensure that these core values are instilled in every aspect of our work process. Samaritan

Plumbing’s ultimate goal is help our neighbors enjoy their water at home and at work.

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