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Our story begins with my granddad, who was raised on a red dirt dairy farm in Virginia. My granddad grew up working long hours on the farm and helping his father with whatever needed to be done. When my granddad’s father (or my great‐grandfather) retired, my granddad took over the farming operation with his brother. He started a new business applying fertilizer for local farmers. With his new business and his pre‐existing work on the dairy farm, my granddad was able to make a living and support his family. Eventually, my granddad sold his share of the family farm to his brother in order to focus on his growing business. My granddad was one of the first members of my family to leave the family farm and venture out on his own as an entrepreneur. From here, other family members pursued new ventures and devised new businesses. At the root of every entrepreneurial endeavor, however, was a desire to help others. This is the rich culture of work and of service that I grew up in.

I was born in ‘81 and in ‘85 my father quit his job working in construction and started his own plumbing company in Virginia, where I was raised. My first memories of working are of riding along with my dad and my older brother to repair plumbing pipes, replace pumps, and repair water heaters. During these early experiences, I learned how to work with tools and how to approach customers by watching my dad.

I started working during the summers with my dad when I turned 16. I continued to learn more about the plumbing field and to develop more advanced plumbing skills. I began working with additional plumbing companies when I had finished my plumbing training at an accredited school. In 2007, I left my father’s business and began my own plumbing business called Samaritan Plumbing. During this time, I also worked for four different plumbing companies and added to my experience working in the field as a plumber.


In 2014, I realized my dream of working full‐time as a plumber in my own plumbing company. I left the other plumbing companies and began putting all of my energy and effort into Samaritan Plumbing. I have never been happier. Working for myself and setting an example of how I believe business should be conducted has allowed me to provide high‐quality plumbing services that helps people enjoy their water.

In my short time as a business owner, I have learned that the core values of truthfulness, integrity, authenticity, perseverance, and goodwill are paramount to creating a business that helps others by delivering high‐quality services. Samaritan Plumbing is able to offer superior services because we stand behind these principles.


Today, I continue to follow these principles as does the rest of the Samaritan Plumbing team. My wife, Tonya, and I are also beginning to instill these principles in our five sweet children at home. Samaritan Plumbing operates out of our country home in Elizabeth township, just outside of Troy, OH. Samaritan Plumbing’s current offering of services including plumbing repairs, plumbing replacements, installations, bathroom upgrades and renovations, kitchen upgrades and renovations, and maintenance programs. We also offer new construction on small commercial projects and residential home renovations.

Denton Wisler, Owner

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